Fanette Cardinali

Who is Fanette Cardinali

In 1985, Fanette Cardinali, takes over her father's ceramics studio in the ancient village of La Rocca, situated in Tuscany near the Franciscan Sanctuary of La Verna.

The concept of Fanette's work is based on a continual research on the form and glaze of the objects. Another very important aspect regarding her work is the actual raw material used to create her ceramic works. Fanette reaserches and carefuly chooses different types of clays, wich are then fired at different temperatures.

In this way, Fanette is able to create a wide range of collections from functional pieces in stoneware, to unique pieces that are very much like fluid sculptures.

Alongside the importance of the form and raw material of each piece, Fanette's aesthetic point of view includes the "trace of time", wich means leaving a mark upon the clay in the form of textures and signs, to testify the vital gesture of creation. The result is not just an object but a work of art that transmits emotions.

In 2007, Fanette Cardinali, opens her new studio in a Renaissence palace in the medieval town of Citerna in Umbria the land of Piero della Francesca between Sansepolcro and Cittą di Castello.

The Atelier is called "Il Camino" because in its inside has a wonderul fireplace, here Fanette has a laboratory and a gallery where she shows her artworks and presents exhibitions with other artists.